Colombian coffee

Colombia coffee is 100% Arabica and considered a coffee you need specific climatic conditions and specific requirements for their production.

Colombia stocking their coffee in their 3 mountain ranges, being possible to thus identify 7 coffee growing regions, which allows you to have harvest throughout the year and also to produce coffees of different Cup profiles, defined by their different sensory attributes. But always maintaining the 'quality' that leads to the production of an "outstanding coffee", soft, clean Cup, with acidity and body medium/high, pronounced aroma and a sensory profile of excellent quality.


Characteristics of Colombian coffee:

Behind every cup of coffee from Colombia is "a source", there is an effort, work and dedication, a culture and a special environmental offer that make it unique. It is the set of natural and human factors that make it an "outstanding coffee".

Colombia is a "world leader" in terms of coffee by his obsession with building a system of quality assurance for your product ranging from the seed of the tree to the cup of coffee 100% Colombian, reaching millions of consumers around the world.


  • UGQ: Usually Good Quality) screen size 14
  • Three degrees of roasting: medium, medium-high and high
  • Humidity: 10 to 12%
  • Defects: 6 first group, second group 40, 80 bits.
  • Mesh, grain size between 12 and 18 mesh, under 14 mesh tolerance cannot exceed 1.5%.
  • Cup clean, free from defects.
  • Score: 82 to 83 points value, enters the SCAA scale.



  • With the same characteristics of the SUPERNAL UGQ, but its cultivation is carried out without the use of agrochemicals, fertilizers and pesticides; and its entire production process is inspected.


General classification of coffee:

The more generic classification of coffee, according to your level of treatment, is as follows:


Green coffee: not decaffeinated or caffeine free

The coffee production process begins with the cleaning, washing and drying the cherries of the coffee where you get the so-called "parchment coffee", which then it threshed to obtain "green coffee in almond", which is the input for the elaboration of the roasted coffee soluble and extracts.



Roasted coffee: grain or ground, caffeinated or decaffeinated

– Traditional coffee

The Colombian coffee is 100% Arabica washed, high quality, given the existing environmental conditions and support quality. Physical and sensory attributes of the product varies depending on the area of cultivation of coffee.

    Presentation in grain or ground; from the 14 mesh until the 18th.

    With different degrees of roasting: medium, medium-high and high.

    Denominations: UGQ - EP - Europe - Supreme - Premium, being the most commercial: UGQ, Europe and Supreme


– Special coffee

They are Brown of exceptional, from characteristics of specific regions, integrating 3 fundamental concepts: conservation of the environment, economic equity and social responsibility.

They are divided into 3 main categories, and that can be combined to produce unique coffees:

.Coffees of origin.
.Sustainable coffees.
.Cafes in preparation.




Processing coffee:

– Soluble coffee

– Freeze-dried coffee