Inversiones Anunaquis, C.A.

We are a company dedicated to the promotion and marketing of cocoa in grains and derivatives, butter, powder and liquor or cocoa paste, in the domestic market and international, United States, Europe and Asia, Venezuelan.. 

Our product portfolio is getting stronger at the end of loa records authorizing us to import and marketing in Venezuela of mixtures of vitamins and minerals for industrial flour, also the marketing of fats and vegetable oils. INVESTMENT ANUNAQUIS, C.A., have in mind, quality in everything we offer, service, as raison d ' être in the Organization, integrity, as the axis of relations with our internal and external customers.


Investment Anunaquis was born before the easing of requirements for export in Venezuela and the necessity of getting raw materials such as derivatives of the Venezuelan cacao to chocolate's most prestigious companies in the world. In Venezuela being suppliers of raw materials for the industry of Chocolate, cookies and ice cream and precosidas flour mills. The Venezuelan cocoa derivatives, for their quality are very important to the chocolate business, so we want to be your strategic partner. The quality of our products meet standards recognized worldwide, all of our products are shipped with a certificate of quality and weight issued by SGS Colombia, recognized around the world. As a supplier of raw material we want to stay in touch with our customers 24 hours a day..


Our Values


Being the supplier of choice in raw for the industry of the Chocolate and confectionery, offering quality, availability, and world class service.


Consolidate the company as provider of Venezuelan raw materials, cocoa beans and their derivatives: cocoa butter, liquor and confectionery cocoa and cocoa powder, chocolate company. The Venezuelan cocoa is recognized around the world for their quality, i.e., is the product of choice globally.


- Quality in everything we offer.

- Service, such as raison to be in the Organization.

- Integrity, as the axis of relations with our internal and external customers.

Value Added

Taking into account the wide offer of products in the international markets and the increasingly high demands of consumers, value-added becomes the most safe exit to expand the export and imports. 

For more and better international business entrepreneurs of the cocoa sector, should also seek to add value added to cocoa, it's what we do, in investment Anunaquis, C.A.

For a successful export must be identified very well what is exportable and the products that have potential in the international market, in our case LIQUOR or paste of cocoa, is our product par excellence.

The companies with which we have a strategic alliance, transform the cocoa bean making it raw in different products such as cocoa powder and butter cocoa, liquor or cocoa paste, (a stronger flavour chocolate). Go to export between 60 and 100 tons per month of cocoa derivatives to United States, Europe and then East, Russia and Asia, are our objectives. 

All products are shipped in containers, 20 tons are packed per container, only to serve the industrial sector. 

1) cocoa paste, also known as "Liquor or cocoa paste" is the product obtained by the mechanical disintegration of clean and peeled cacao beans, without extract components or add any type of element. Our beans selected for this process are roasted, shelled, milled and refined.

(2) cocoa powder is produced through the reduction of the butter through the use of presses hydraulic and special food solvents, which are usually alkali, to achieve a powdery texture. The cocoa powder is typically fatty content below 20% of butter.

(3) cocoa butter, also called theobroma oil, is the edible natural fat from the cocoa bean, extracted during the process of manufacturing of chocolate and which is separated from the mass of cocoa through pressure. Cocoa butter has a mild aroma and flavor to chocolate. Cocoa is the only solid that melts the chocolate and its melting point coincides with the body temperature of the mammals. Cocoa butter contains natural antioxidants that prevent Rancidity, giving it a two to five-year storage life.

(4) our products come with a certificate of quality and weight, SGS is a world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification.